HACCI X HK Cleansing Milk 花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 蜂蜜精华保湿卸妆乳 190ml


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HACCI X HK Cleansing Milk

A "cleansing milk" that contains over 85% of serum ingredients and feels like washing with serum.
The melt-in-your-mouth texture is full of serum ingredients such as honey and royal jelly extract, which puts less stress on the skin, and thoroughly envelops and removes dirt, leaving your skin moist and free of dryness.

<Product Features>
1. Moisturizing power Contains over 85% beauty serum ingredients such as honey, royal jelly extract, and olive oil for a fresh and refreshing wash. 

2. Contains beauty ingredients such as cleansing argan oil (Argania spinosa kernel oil) and natural vitamin E (tocopherol) while taking care of your skin. It cares for your hard-earned skin while gently removing dirt and leaving you with beautiful, even-textured skin. 

3. Texture/Fragrance The soft, mellow texture gently blends into your skin as if it were floating down on your skin. Wrapped in the sweet and sensual scent of honey milk for adults, make skin care a happy time.

How to Use 

Take an appropriate amount and massage it into your skin to gently blend it into your makeup, then rinse it off with water or lukewarm water.
Please use it for about 1 month to 1 and a half months.

*Made in Japan

花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 蜂蜜精华保湿卸妆乳


1. 保湿力 含有超过85%的美容液成分,如蜂蜜、蜂王浆提取物、橄榄油,洗脸清爽。

2. 含有清洁摩洛哥坚果油(刺阿干树仁油)和天然维生素E(生育酚)等美容成分,同时呵护肌肤。 它呵护您来之不易的肌肤,同时轻轻去除污垢,让您拥有美丽、纹理均匀的肌肤。

3. 质地/香味 柔软、醇厚的质地轻轻地融入您的肌肤,就好像它漂浮在您的皮肤上一样。 包裹着成人蜜奶甜美感性的香味,让肌肤护理成为快乐时光。





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