[Pre-Order] HACCI X HK Rose Party Set [提前预定] 花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 玫瑰派对套装


HACCI X HK Rose Party Set


Introducing a special collaboration limited edition set containing two skin care products that use the golden power of honey to bring out radiance from deep within your skin. 

①Honey Lady

New habit before lotion! A pre-lotion that quickly delivers the power of honey to the deepest parts . A milk-type pre-lotion containing the power of honey and plants tightly packed into small particles that reaches straight into the stratum corneum , creating a clear and moisturized skin environment. 

②Honey Lotion -HINKAKU- Honey

The long-awaited "golden water" has arrived, wearing a sophisticated beauty that combines honey and advanced biotechnology. The thick, dense texture comfortably envelops the skin and quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving the skin with a healthy, glossy, and radiant aura. 

③ Ribbon clutch bag 

The dress code is "Wear a ribbon somewhere." Plenty of storage space for your wallet and mobile phone. A voluminous tweed ribbon clutch that will be the center piece. 

Size (cm): Approx. Height 27 x Width 38 *Size when unfolded. 

④Special shopper 

It will be delivered in a bright red special shopper. 

Size (cm): Approx. Height 25 x Width 39 x Depth 11

*Made in Japan

花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 玫瑰派对套装



①Honey Lady
的妆前乳 牛奶型妆前乳,蕴含蜂蜜和植物的力量,紧密包裹成小颗粒,直达角质层,营造透明、滋润的肌肤环境。 

②蜂蜜乳液 -HINKAKU- 蜂蜜

期待已久的“黄金水”已经到来,带着蜂蜜与先进生物技术相结合的精致美感。 厚实致密的质地舒适包裹肌肤,并快速被肌肤吸收,令肌肤呈现健康、光泽、光彩的光环。 

③ 丝带手拿包 


尺寸(厘米):约高 27 x 宽 38 *展开时的尺寸。



尺寸(cm):约高25 x 宽39 x 深11



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