MATSUKAZEYA X Pmon Chocolate Set L 15pcs/box日本松風屋 X 宝可梦巧克力礼盒 L 15枚/盒


MATSUKAZEYA X Pmon Chocolate Set L

An assortment of Pmon-designed chocolates in a large can with cute, plump Pmon designs.

Introducing Pmon chocolates that are so cute it's a waste to eat them. This is an irresistible assortment for fans, including Pchu, Ev, and Monster Balls. Let's have a great Valentine's Day adventure in 2024 with cute Pmon chocolate!

Introducing cute 2024 limited edition chocolate cans featuring Pmon designs. You can spend Valentine's Day with many Pokemon drawn in great detail. Fun for both children and adults. A can with adorable designs of many Pmon.
This chocolate can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

    Size:Approx. Width 24.5 x Height 16.5 x Height 2.5cm

    *Made in Japan

    日本松風屋 X 宝可梦巧克力礼盒 L

    介绍宝可梦巧克力,太可爱了,吃了它太浪费了。 对于粉丝来说,这是一个不可抗拒的品种,包括皮卡丘、伊布和怪兽球。 让我们度过一个美好的2024年情人节的一日冒险,带着可爱的宝可梦巧克力!

    《宝可梦》风靡全球。 介绍可爱的 2024 年限量版巧克力罐,印有宝可梦皮卡丘和伊布等设计,适合儿童和大人享用。 这是一份送给宝可梦粉丝一定会大受欢的迎礼物。

    尺寸:约。 宽24.5×高16.5×高2.5cm



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