[PRE-ORDER] MILBON Aujua Filmello Hair Treatment [预售] 玫丽盼 Aujua美发沙龙院线护发专用护发素 500g


MILBON Aujua Filmello Hair Treatment

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

Milbon Aujua Fillmellow Hair Treatment helps to restore stiff, damaged hair. It contains ingredients that penetrate the hair structure and nourish it with useful components, thus, repairing even the most damaged parts.

Adds flexibility to hair that has become hard due to heat, making it soft and smooth.

A scent inspired by "red rose" with the desire to "bring back a deep, exquisite shine to hair that has become hard due to heat."


  • softens protein aggregates — the main cause of stiff hair
  • moisturizes
  • restores the structure
  • makes hair soft, bouncy and shiny

How to Use

Semi-long usage guideline: 2-3 pushes (2-3 spatulas)

  1. Lightly squeeze the ends of the hair to remove water, then apply the treatment to the hair, focusing on the ends.
  2. Work it into your hair for about 30 seconds, working from the middle to the ends. Gather the ends of your hair into a bundle and twist gently to allow the ingredients to penetrate into your hair.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water to remove any residue.

*Made in Japan

玫丽盼 Aujua美发沙龙院线护发专用护发素


玫丽盼 Aujua Fillmellow 头发护理有助于恢复僵硬、受损的头发。 它含有能渗透头发结构并用有用成分滋养头发的成分,从而修复受损最严重的部分。



  • 软化蛋白质聚集体—头发僵硬的主要原因
  • 滋润
  • 恢复结构
  • 使头发柔软、有弹性、有光泽


  1. 轻轻挤压发尾,除去水分,然后将护发素涂抹在头发上,重点涂抹发尾。
  2. 将其涂抹在头发上约 30 秒,从中间到发尾。 将发尾束成一束,轻轻扭转,让成分渗透到头发中。
  3. 用大量温水彻底冲洗以去除残留物。



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