[PRE-ORDER] Orbis Essence in Hair Milk [预售] 奥蜜思 瞬效护发美容乳 140g


Orbis Essence in Hair Milk

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

Locks moisture with high moisture-retaining milk, swiftly penetrating each strand with its rich Penetrating Beauty Essence for smooth, healthy hair.

Product features:

• Repairs damage that causes frizzy hair with high moisture-retaining milk that locks in moisture.
• Rich content of Penetrating Beauty Essence swiftly penetrates to the core of each strand to supply moisture and strengthen hair components for smooth, healthy hair.
• Contains Heat Protein that coats each hair strand evenly for protection against heat damage.
• Free of easy-to-oxidise oil
• Fragrance-free
• Free of artificial colours

How to Use
Take an optimum amount in your hand and apply to your towel-dried hair. Spread evenly throughout your hair while focusing on the hair ends. 

*Made in Japan

奥蜜思 瞬效护发美容乳




• 使用锁住水分的高保湿乳修复导致卷曲头发的损伤。
• 丰富含量的渗透美容精华迅速渗透至每根发丝的核心,提供水分并强化头发成分,使头发光滑、健康。
• 含有热蛋白,均匀覆盖每根发丝,防止热损伤。
• 不含易氧化油
• 无香料
• 不含人工色素

取适量于手中,涂抹于用毛巾擦干的头发上。 均匀地涂抹在整个头发上,同时重点涂抹发尾。



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