[PRE-ORDER] SHIRO Fragrance Ice Mint Body Lotion [预售] 日本SHIRO 夏季限定冰薄荷身体乳 190ml


SHIRO Fragrance Ice Mint Body Lotion

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

This product is packageless (no box).

A body lotion that leaves skin feeling refreshed and moisturized for a long time with just one application.

A body lotion that provides a powerful cooling sensation with just one swipe.
While it has a fresh texture, yuzu and shea butter give the skin a moisturizing effect.
If you use it during a relaxing time before going to bed, such as after taking a bath, you can stay cool and comfortable even on nights when it is difficult to sleep due to the intense heat.

  • If you use it on areas where you sweat easily, such as around your waist or back, before going out, the heat of vaporization of menthol will keep you cool every time you sweat, allowing you to feel refreshed even when you're out in the heat.
  • The texture spreads easily, so by massaging it onto areas that are prone to fatigue, such as ankles and calves, you can achieve refreshing body care.

How to Use

When you first use it, remove the stopper and press it several times until the contents come out.
Please use an appropriate amount and blend it well into your skin.

*Made in Japan

日本SHIRO 夏季限定冰薄荷身体乳





  • 如果在出门前使用在腰部、背部等容易出汗的部位,每次出汗时,薄荷醇的汽化热量都会让你保持凉爽,让你即使在户外也能感到清爽。 热度。
  • 质地容易延展,按摩脚踝、小腿等容易疲劳的部位,即可达到清爽的身体护理效果。




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