[PRE-ORDER] SHIRO Fragrance Ice Mint Body Mist [预售] 日本SHIRO 夏季限定超凉感冰薄荷身体喷雾 50ml


SHIRO Fragrance Ice Mint Body Mist

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

This product is packageless (no box).

A refreshing savior that can be used in outdoor scenes as a body mist with a convenient size to carry.

A body mist with a fresh citrus scent and the cooling sensation of menthol . It has a refreshing feel, but since it contains the moisturizing ingredient yuzu, it also helps prevent dryness caused by air conditioning, UV rays, and sweating. The coolness you feel even when you sweat will keep your skin feeling refreshed for a long time.
The mini size is convenient to carry and can be used for cooling down outdoors.

  • Spray on it before going out to stay comfortable while on the move.
  • Since it is a spray type, it can be easily used in areas that are hard to reach.
  • Can also be used as mobile cosmetics for commuting to work or school. Also great for refreshing in between desk work.

How to Use

Spray an appropriate amount from a distance of about 20 cm from the skin.

*Made in Japan

日本SHIRO 夏季限定超凉感冰薄荷身体喷雾




带有清新柑橘香味和薄荷醇清凉感的身体喷雾。 口感清爽,但由于含有保湿成分柚子,因此还有助于防止空调、紫外线和出汗引起的干燥。 即使出汗也能感受到清凉感,让肌肤长时间保持清爽。

  • 出门前喷洒,以在移动时保持舒适。
  • 由于是喷雾型,因此可以轻松地用于难以到达的区域。
  • 也可用作上班或上学通勤时的移动化妆品。 也非常适合在办公桌工作间隙提神。





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