[PRE-ORDER] SHIRO Fragrance Ice Mint Body Mist EX [预售] 日本SHIRO 夏季限定超凉感冰薄荷身体喷雾 EX 50ml


SHIRO Fragrance Ice Mint Body Mist EX

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

This product is packageless (no box).

A savior in the hot season that instantly cools you down with a piercingly refreshing feeling.

Body Mist Extra Cool, which provides a piercingly refreshing feeling on humid days and intense heat, is available again this year in limited quantities.
The bright blue bottle cap catches the eye and has a special design that gives it a refreshing feel. Contains ingredients that insects dislike and persimmon juice , which is a reassuring measure against summer odors, making it a reliable item that can be used outdoors in the middle of summer.
You can also use it over your clothes, so you can easily use it on the go.

*Made in Japan

日本SHIRO 夏季限定超凉感冰薄荷身体喷雾 EX




亮蓝色的瓶盖引人注目,特殊的设计给人一种清爽的感觉。 含有昆虫不喜欢的成分和柿子汁,可以消除夏季的异味,是仲夏时节户外使用的可靠产品。


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