[PRE-ORDER] SHIRO Fragrance White Lily Eau de Parfum [预售] 日本SHIRO 淡香百合香水 40ml


SHIRO Fragrance White Lily Eau de Parfum

**PRE-ORDER items - estimated arrival time will be Late May** 

This product is packageless (no box).

An eau de parfum that scents your entire body, including your neck, arms, and ankles.

This perfume features a gorgeous and clean scent of lily and magnolia.
It is easy to use by people of all ages in any season, and you can enjoy the different scents depending on where you apply it, such as the neck or arms.

A sophisticated white lily scent wrapped in an elegant floral.

Fragrance Duration: Approximately 5 to 6 hours

  • When you want a strong scent, use it near your face, where you can easily feel the scent, such as on your wrists, neck, or behind your ears.
  • If you want to enjoy the scent gently at home, use it on your ankles, inner thighs, and around your waist.

How to Use

Hold about 15cm away from your skin and spray an appropriate amount.

*Made in Japan

日本SHIRO 淡香百合香水







  • 如果您想要浓烈的香味,请在靠近脸部、容易感受到香味的地方使用,例如手腕、颈部或耳后。
  • 如果您想在家中轻轻享受香味,建议您在脚踝、大腿内侧和腰部使用。





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