[PRE-ORDER] SHIRO Kombu Moisturizing Lotion [预售] 日本SHIRO 昆布化妆水 120ml


SHIRO Kombu Moisturizing Lotion 

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Lotion that leads to firm and moisturized skin

A simple lotion using the thick water made by soaking the rare "Kombu kelp" that can only be harvested in the waters near Hakodate City, Hokkaido.

Fucoidan, which has a strong thickening effect, holds in plenty of water, and the crispy kelp absorbs water and swells to moisturize dry skin, replenishing moisture and leaving it plump and firm.

How to Use

After taking a bath or washing your face, take an appropriate amount and gently apply it to your face and areas that are concerned about dryness.

*Ingredients may precipitate. Shake well before use.
*If you use a 500 yen coin twice in the morning and evening, it will last about a month and a half.

*Made in Japan

日本SHIRO 昆布化妆水




将天然昆布浸泡于水中后,萃取柔滑的昆布精华制成保湿化妆水,如同干硬的昆布吸收水分后变得柔软一般,昆布化妆水能给予干燥肌肤充足的水份,养成澎润柔软的美肌 。

用途 : 肌肤保湿。
用法 : 取适量化妆水,轻轻涂抹于脸部。



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