Starbucks Japan PEANUTS Snoopy Collection Sally Pink Stainless Bottle 355ml 日本星巴克2023 Peanuts史努比系列 PEANUTS莎莉粉色不锈钢瓶 355ml


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Starbucks Japan Peanuts Snoopy Collection Sally Pink Stainless Bottle 355ml 

The surface has the siren logo and the STARBUCKS ★ PEANUTS tagline. 

On the back side, along with the message "

HAPPINESS IS TREATING YOURSELF ANYTIME.", Snoopy and Sally enjoying their favorite beverages together are drawn as artwork.
The vacuum double structure stainless steel has excellent heat and cold retention.

Size (width x depth x height)


    *Made in China

    日本星巴克2023 Peanuts史努比系列 PEANUTS莎莉粉色不锈钢瓶  355ml

    表面有星巴克美人鱼标志和STARBUCKS ★ PEANUTS标识。 在背面,随着“

    HAPPINESS IS TREATING YOURSELF ANYTIME.”的字,史努比和莎莉一起享用他们最喜欢的饮料被绘制成艺术品。真空双层结构不锈钢,保温保冷性极佳。

    尺寸(宽 x 深 x 高)




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