Starbucks Taiwan 2023 12 Astrological Zodiac Signs Series Virgo Glass 207ml 台灣星巴克2023 12星座系列处女星座玻璃杯207ml


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Starbucks Taiwan 2023 12 Astrological Zodiac Signs Series Glass

The newly designed constellation glass is made of meticulously embossed glass, with elegant constellation images and symbols, and comes in an exquisite exclusive gift box and collectible commemorative card.

Material: borosilicate glass
Country of Origin: China
Heat-resistant temperature: 95 degrees C

1. The single-layer glass has no heat insulation design and is designed to hold cold drinks. Do not hold hot drinks to avoid burns.
2. Please hand wash, not suitable for microwave, dishwasher (drying) and oven, please do not freeze.
3. Do not rinse, soak or scrub the cup body with warm water directly to avoid the decals falling off.
4. The characteristics of decal paper will gradually fade or become scratched with daily use, which is normal.
5. Please place it in a cool and dry place, away from high temperature environments or direct sunlight.
6. Rapid temperature differences may cause this product to break, so please avoid it.
7. This product may have tiny bubbles and mold cutting line marks. This is a natural phenomenon of glass and does not affect the quality.
8. This product is fragile, please use it with care.
9. The packaging box may have some marks or imperfections after transportation. We have tried our best to maintain it. This is normal and not a defect. Please forgive us.

台星巴克2023 12星座系列星座玻璃杯


材质: 硼矽玻璃
原产地: 中国
耐热温度: 95度C

1. 单层玻璃杯没有隔热设计,专为盛装冷饮,请勿盛装热饮,避免烫伤。
2. 请手洗,不适用于微波炉、洗(烘)碗机和烤箱,请勿冷冻。
3. 请勿使用温热水直接冲洗、浸泡或用力刷洗杯身,避免花纸脱落。
4. 花纸特性会随着日常使用而日渐黯淡或产生刮痕,属正常。
5. 请放置于阴凉干燥处,请远离高温环境或阳光直接照射。
6. 急遽温差可能导致本商品破裂,请避免。
7. 本商品可能会有微小的气泡与合模切线痕,此为玻璃自然现象不影响品质。
8. 本商品为易碎品,请小心使用。
9. 包装盒经过运送可能会有些许痕迹或不完美,已尽力维护,属正常并非瑕疵,敬请见谅。


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