Duo Premier Anti-Aging the Cleansing Balm (White) 丽优 五效合一卸妆膏 (美白型) 90g


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Duo Premier Anti-Aging the Cleansing Balm (White)
  • White: Melting cleansing specializing in skin color dullness.

Focusing on the uneven color aging of the skin that affects the appearance impression, it is cleansing like a essence that cleanses and even cares for the skin.

How to use:

  • Take an appropriate amount with your hands dry, and apply to the entire face while massaging. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water about 20-30 times. W Face wash is not required. Pack Size - 90g

【D.U.O 蒂歐】用美容精華液洗臉的毛孔保養潔顏膏

三種種類卸妝膏 保濕深層清潔美白效果定期訂購方案蒂歐 零毛孔肌體驗


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