Pro Labo Concept Hydro Silica Spa 10Packs 高浓度水素入浴剂


Taking baths with Hydro Silica SPA salt increases the redox potential of our skin, that is, improves its ability to self-regenerate from the damage caused by oxidative processes, such as sun exposure and aging. Hydrogen baths are able to cope with the loss of skin elasticity, pigmentation, dehydration, desquamation, skin diseases.

Due to the patented technology of low heat treatment of the Esthe Pro laboratories, when creating Hydro Silica bath salts, it was possible to create the optimal concentration of hydrogen at which its beneficial properties are not lost.

Coral extract is obtained from the environmentally friendly Yonaguni Island near Okinawa. The coral reefs of this area are about 100,000 years old and have a special porous structure, which contains up to 74 types of marine minerals useful for the skin, including coral calcium, cobalt and molybdenum.

Silicon dioxide (silica) is a necessary element in the human body, the content of which decreases with age. It plays a role in supporting the formation of collagen, necessary for the smoothness of youthful skin.

  • Contains no artificial additives, dyes or flavorings. The product has passed all the necessary tests for safety and allergies.
  • Suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.B

Method of application:

  • Pour the contents of one sachet into a hot bath (150-200 l). After taking a bath, rinse with running water. Water with Hydro Silica SPA can also be used to wash hair.

Volume: 10 sachets of 30 g each

Composition: Na sulfate, Na bicarbonate, Na chloride, Na citrate, coral powder, sea salt, silica, boron nitride

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