Propolinse Refresh Oral Wash 600ml


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Propolinse is a mouth wash containing propolis extract and xylitol. It cleans inside of the mouth by removing protein stains while preventing bad breath. It's also moist suitable for a smoker and cavity prevention.

How to use:

  • Take appropriate amount 10-15ml, a half amount of the lid. Split out after gargling for 20-30 seconds. Keep the lid tightly closed after using.

A mild refreshing propolis extract,
Tooth-friendly natural sweetener xylitol formulations.
Wash the dirt in your mouth! Cum in mouth wash liquid to prevent bad breath


  • The tea leaf extract blended in the proporinse solidifies protein stains such as leftovers and leftovers in the mouth, so the state of the mouth can be seen by the degree of dirt that has come out after rinsing. Unlike conventional products, with a strong mint taste, the mouth feels rough after smoking, eliminating dryness and improving the refreshing feeling. Propolis extract with mild exhilaration. Contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that is gentle on teeth.

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