Propolinse Whitening Oral Wash 比那氏 美白去垢蜂胶漱口水 600ml


Propolinse is a mouth wash containing propolis extract and xylitol. It cleans inside of the mouth by removing protein stains while preventing bad breath. It's also moist suitable for a smoker and cavity prevention.

How to use:

  • Take appropriate amount 10-15ml, a half amount of the lid. Split out after gargling for 20-30 seconds. Keep the lid tightly closed after using.

A mild refreshing propolis extract,
Tooth-friendly natural sweetener xylitol formulations.
Wash the dirt in your mouth! Cum in mouth wash liquid to prevent bad breath


  • Cleaning component (bicarbonate Na, phytic acid) power enhance the brushing cleaning effect in, it is liquid toothpaste that leads to a healthy white teeth. Whitening, plaque removal of the tooth. ※ containing alcohol.


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