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Pure Smile Bangs Sheet Oil Removal Wipes for Hair 20sheets [2 Scents] 刘海清洁吸油纸巾 清爽控油 刘海救星


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Bye-bye uncomfortable feelings in your bangs from sweating, stickiness, and greasy. Instantly make smooth bangs with wiping. 

  • With sebum absorbing powder, it absorbs sweat and sebum firmly.
  • Formulated with quick-drying water that removes stickiness without getting bangs wet.
  • A palm-sized sheet that focuses on ease of wrapping the bangs.
  • The sticky bangs are restored to a smooth bangs with a single sheet.
  • 20 pcs of sheets 
  • 2 Types of scents to choose from: Sabon or Flower scent 

When? After sports/ When you are sweating


  • Wipe off sweats/ oils from your bangs from hair roots to hair tips with the sheet. 

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