Quality First Derma Laser Super Tea Tree 100 Mask 7pcs/Pack 皇后的秘密 茶树精华维稳痘肌护理面膜 7枚/包


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Quality First Derma Laser Super  Tea Tree 100 Mask

Contains high-quality tea tree extract that suppresses rough skin at the highest concentration in the series.

Deliver to every corner of the stratum corneum with nanocapsules.

In addition, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, which is effective for rough skin care, has been added to the limit concentration, making it a level of rough skin care mask that can be said to be no more.

The masks do not contain preservatives, alcohol, synthetic colors, fragrances, mineral oil.

Package contains 7 masks 

How to Use

Apply to clean skin after washing face. Take out the mask and adjust it to your face. Remove the mask after 10-15 minutes. Gently spread the remaining essence on the skin with the palm of your hand.

*Made in Japan

皇后的秘密 茶树精华维稳痘肌护理面膜


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