Refa Collagen Enrich 480mL 高浓度低分子美肌胶原蛋白饮料


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Formulated with high-purity, low-molecular collagen developed in partnership with Fujifilm, ReFa's concentrated beauty supplement has a delicious fruit flavor and is rapidly absorbed by the body for superior skincare benefits.


ReFa Collagen Enrich Health Drink by Japanese beauty industry experts MTG is a luxury collagen drink that will help rejuvenate your skin and bring back your youthful complexion. Packed with 160,000mg of collagen peptide, it also comes in a stunningly designed bottle. Drink 15ml daily for between one and two weeks to experience the benefits.


A ReFa roller is the result of exceptional attention to detail, achieving not only an ideal fit and balance of applied pressure, but comfort and beauty effectiveness.


The ReFa Collagen Enrich Health Drink features:

  • Collagen 160,000mg
  • Recommended for daily consumption of 15ml each time
  • Drink for approx. 5-14 days to experience benefits
  • 480ml (16.2 fl oz)
  • Contains collagen peptide, erythritol, vitamin C, yeast extract, maltose, preservative, flavoring, etc.
  • Made in Japan

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