Refa Face Cream Wash 150g 日本REFA 泡沫洁面乳


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Ultra-hydrating and luxurious, ReFa Cream Wash lathers into a high-density, fine bubble foam that evenly covers every contour of the skin's surface to absorb dirt and grime from the pores without stripping.

  • For all skin types
  • Fruit extracts help clarify the skin's appearance while hyaluronan saccharides and Lipidure help circulate moisture and lock in hydration
  • When used with the ReFa Clear, the fine bubbles of ReFa Cream Wash conduct deep-cleansing sonic vibrations all the way down to the pores

Delight in seeing a refreshed more beautiful you. Treasure the touch of a quality product. Savor every luxurious, beautifying moment. 


  • Dispense an appropriate amount in your hand and add a small amount of cool or lukewarm water, and mix air to make bubbles. Gently wash your face by rolling the bubbles onto the skin, then rinse thoroughly. 

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