Reise Biocellulose Iron Essence Mask (5pcs) 蛋壳精华胶原蛋白面膜 (5片)



The “Beauty mask for beauty treatment salon” is born. It consists of more than 99.7% beauty ingredients without adding water and is based on yuzu ceramide rich, including 100% concentration eggshell membrane, osmotic vitamin C, proteoglycan, human ceramide, and 9 kinds of high-concentration plant extract.

The “Biocellulose” material, is made from the natural ingredient coconut, made from fine fibers of about 1/100 of the hair, and fused with the irregularities on the skin surface such as pores to absorb. It delivers beauty serum to every corner with a new sensation. From dry, fine wrinkles and sagging pores to beautiful, healthier skin with just a single use.



5 pieces per box



- Reduces wrinkles, protects moisture in your skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity, with the help of eggshell membrane. 

-  Anti-aging benefits.  Since it is based on Yuzu, which is high in vitamin C, it will make a great mask for brightening, stimulating collagen, and delivering the skin with powerful antioxidants.

- Hydrates and smoothens the skin caused by the effects proteoglycan. 


How To Use:

Step 1: Before taking out the sheet, incline the bag, slowly put the liquid on your palm and apply it directly to your face. (Since the amount of serum is large, it is recommended to divide it into 2-3 times.)
Step.2: Remove the sheet from the aluminum bag and remove one non-woven fabric. (It is also recommended to use the removed non-woven fabric on the neck and other areas where drying is a concern.)
Step.3: Align the eyes, nose, and mouth, and hold the entire face while keeping the sheet in close contact.
Step.4 : Remove the remaining non-woven fabric slowly. Keep your sheet in close contact with your skin while tracing with your finger along the contours of the face.
Step.5: Remove the seat after 20 to 25 minutes. Then prepare your skin with lotion and milky lotion. Use once or twice a week as a guide.


Precautions: Be sure to remove the non-woven sheet (2 sheets) before using.

Free of fragrance, mineral oil, surfactant, alcohol, paraben, and color. Allergy tested.


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