RELAVEL Masking Jam [3 Types]

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Hungarian Water

Mask your worries.
Moisturizes the lustrous skin of an adult.

Inspired by liqueur "Hungarian Water", which is a rosemary soaked in alcohol. The beauty effect is favored by the 70-year-old Hungarian queen in the 14th century, and there is still a legend that it has been revived and proposed from a neighboring country prince. Hari Tsuya ingredients "silicon * 2" "silicon derivative * 3" is added to beauty material "Rosemary * 1" transmitted from the Middle Ages. The scent of abundant comfort colors the refresh time.

Elderflower Cordial

For firming and clear skin.

Inspired by a drink of boiled flowers with sugar and citrus made in the UK home in early summer. Elderflowers * 1, which have been loved by women for a long time, are believed to have a firm and softening effect on the skin. Plus a moisturizing vitamin C derivative * 2 that gives a plump, moist, pack to a soft, fragrant syrup-like pack. It is recommended for reward time of the adult who works hard.

Raspberry Vinegar

Breakage of skin moisture and sebum balance

Raspberry vinegar is a Parisian classic that loves natural beauty. The combination of vinegar and raspberry that cleanses the texture of the skin can also be used for skin care as a lotion. The three gels * 1 and Astaxanthin, which add moisture and firmness to the refreshing gel that stretches rapidly, are added. Feel the beautiful ruby color and sweet and sour smell gently.

«Beauty ingredient recipe»
3 kinds of berry (moisturizing ingredient) * 1, astaxanthin, lemon peel oil (moisturizing ingredient), citric acid (skin preparation ingredient), licorice leaf extract (skin preparation ingredient)
* 1: Ezo snake strawberry seed, raspberry extract, bilberry leaf extract


After washing your face, take an appropriate amount and apply 2-3 mm thick to your skin. After leaving for 3 to 5 minutes, please carefully wipe off your skin carefully or rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.




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