REVEUR [3 Types] Zero Petroleum Hair Treatment 460ml 石油系0% 护发素

  • Free of Petroleum-based Cleaning Agents.
  • Cationic Surfactant-free Treatment.
  • Gentle and Mild.
  • Great for people who have problems with back acne. 
  • Made in Japan.


Give moisture to the hair, formulated carefully selected ingredients to repair damaged hair.


Combined carefully selected ingredients to condition the scalp.

To the healthy and beautiful scalp environment necessary for growing beautiful hair.


Combines carefully selected ingredients that bring fresh moisture to hair.

To the beautiful hair which is smooth and glossy, which moisturizes up to the tip of the hair.

♥ Repair绿款:配制精心挑选的成分,能修复受损的头发,洗后散发清爽柑橘香

♥ Moist紫款:深层滋润秀发,恢复头发光泽,洗后散发浆果花香

♥ Scalp粉款:专用于头皮护理,敏感肌也可使用,洗后散发高雅芬芳


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