RGII Hair Loss Premium Shampoo Set 韩国 SOMANG RGIII 两倍红参防脱高级生发洗发液套装


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A single active 2X red ginseng extract to help reduce hair loss and improve thickness. 

  • 2X red ginseng extract content

2X ginsenoside extract from red ginseng to strengthen the roots of hair and improve volume thickness.

  • 8 Natural ingredients providing nourishment to the scalp

8 ingredients of natural origin strengthen the scalp barrier and provide intensive nourishment to hair. 

  • Great expectation of hair beauty

- Reduce the signs of hair loss with the help of red ginseng extract

- Cosmetic composition with patented RG3 complex to prevent hair loss

- Tested the effect of hair loss prevention (24 week clinical trial conducted by KC Skin Research Center, comparison with the control group but the effect varies according to the individual) 


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