rinRen Body Soap 400ml [2 Types] 凛恋 美肌保湿沐浴乳 (柚子生姜/玫瑰山茶花)


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  • Two types:
(1) Yuzu Ceramide (& Ginger):  a highly moisturizing ingredient derived from the luxurious nature, as well as seven domestic plant materials such as ginger root oil and rice bran extract, and Yubara hot spring water in Okayama prefecture, which is alkaline and has a beautiful skin effect. Makes your skin smooth and moist.
Fresh and refreshing aroma blended with yuzu, lavender and bitter orange.
(2) Rose & Tsubaki (Camelia) Seed Oil: Amino acid-based cleaning ingredients Combined vegetable liquid soap. Including W oil components from Saga Prefecture's teaseed oil and camellia oil, seven types of domestic plant materials such as Rose from Shimane Prefecture, Yoshino cherry tree from Shikoku, and Yubara Hot Spring Water from Okayama Prefecture, a hypotonic alkaline high hot spring . Contains 80% of beauty ingredients to make your skin moist and moist. Feminine and gorgeous scent blended with rose, nobara, geranium, etc.Eight kinds of domestically derived natural ingredients
  • Free of Mineral oil, silicone, paraben, synthetic fragrance, alcohol, animal raw material, synthetic color, petroleum-based surfactant 
  • Yuhara hot spring is known as good for beauty and skin hydration. This rinRen body soap containing Yuhara hot spring water i plant-based liquid soap, which washes up your skin without feeling dry.


  • Work into a lather with the shower ball or the sponge. Wash body and rinse thoughtfully

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