rinRen Volumizing/Moisturizing Remedial Hair Shampoo 520ml [YUZU & Ginger]


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  • YUZU & Ginger: Volumizing & Smoothing
  • For a soft, youthful, clean-looking hair.
  • Ten kinds of domestic plant-derived ingredients formulated in luxury and domestic pearl extract approach the scalp environment.
  • Give harikoshi and lead to hair with soft volume from the root. Refreshing smell of natural domestically produced yuzu blend.
  • Recommended for people like this: The root is petan, there is no harikoshi, hair is easy to get tangled.
  • 10 kinds of blended domestic plant raw materials: Yuzu fruit extract (from Tokushima prefecture), Yuzu peel oil (from Kochi prefecture), ginger root oil (from Kochi prefecture).
  • Uji tea leaf extract (from Kyoto prefecture), plum fruit extract (Wakayama) Produced from prefecture), Yuzu seed oil (produced from Kochi prefecture).
  • Sake pot extract (Shiga prefecture, Kitajima Shuzo), rice bran extract (Shiga prefecture, Omi rice), Birch bark extract (produced from Nagano prefecture), Tsukasa leaf extract (from Okinawa prefecture).
  • The highest grade amino acid domestic pearl extract combination.
  • Inactive ingredients: Sulfate (sulfate), mineral oil, silicone.
  • paraben, petroleum surfactant, synthetic fragrance, synthetic coloring agent, animal raw material.

How to use:

  • Take an appropriate amount, apply to the wet hair, lather and massage as you massage the scalp and hair.
  • Recommend that you use in conjunction with the rinren hair care line.
  • Pack Size - 520ml

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