RMK Clear Mineral Face Wash 120g 日本RMK净透矿物质洁颜乳 120g


Product Feature:

Formulated with pink clay from Ehime Prefecture. Rich and adhering clay lather, with a bouncy texture as if to push back the hand, reduces friction without burdening the skin. It removes dead skin cells, pore-clogging dirt, and blackheads with no need for rubbing. Easy to rinse off, it thoroughly removes dirt and leaves the skin moist and soft, making skincare permeate better and helping the makeup sit better on every use. Contains five kinds of moisturizing ingredients. It thoroughly removes dirt and leaves the skin smooth while protecting the skin’s necessary moisture.

How to Use:

Wet the face beforehand. Lather generously by adding cold or lukewarm water to the face wash, wash the face as if to embrace it with lather, and rinse off sufficiently with cold or lukewarm water.
Amount per use: Approx. 2cm







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