RMK Smooth Fit Poreless Base 02 Pale Pink SPF5/PA+ 35g 日本RMK零毛孔透感隔离霜 02粉调 SPF5/PA+ 35g


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Product Feature:

RMK’s new makeup base that “makes pores invisible instead of hiding them.
The “Transforming Powder”changes its shape freely depending on the type of unevenness such as pores and acne scars. It covers skin with a single-layered thin veil just like second skin, giving a silky and smooth finish. Effective use of light brings out the soft brightness and makes skin clear with less visible pores. The skincare ingredients give a silky and moist feel, while the light and smooth texture spreads over the skin, giving a fresh and half-matte finish after full application.

How to Use:

You may use it on its own or as a basis before applying any form of foundation.



以新概念“非遮盖毛孔,而是隐形毛孔”而打造的透感隔离霜,针对局部暗沉或肤色不均等皮肤瑕疵,额外添加了“Transforming Powder”。令妆效更为光泽柔滑,肤质更具光感。02 Pale Pink粉调中加入了粉色及银色珠泽,呈现白里透红的自然效果。





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