RMK Smooth Fit Poreless Base (03) 润民康 零毛孔透感隔离霜 (03) 35g


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RMK Smooth Fit Poreless Base (03)

03: For a brighter skin tone. Light beige for a soft and bright look. SPF6 PA+

A smoothing face primer with Transforming Powder that changes its shape flexibly depending on the type of unevenness such as pores and acne scars. It covers skin with a single-layered thin veil just like second skin, giving a silky and smooth finish.

Formulated with Niacinamide, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to give a silky and moisturizing feel, while the lightweight and smooth texture spreads over the skin, giving a fresh and half-matte finish after application.

润民康 零毛孔透感隔离霜 (03)

03 Beige
适合偏白皙肤色,打造柔和明亮肤色。SPF6 PA+

非「遮盖瑕疵」而是「隐形瑕疵」﹐RMK全新隔离霜。针对在意的毛孔和暗疮印等凹凸问题﹐配合能自由变幻形态的「Transforming Powder 」。恍如被一层与肌肤融合的薄膜覆盖着﹐打造出光泽柔滑肌肤。透过随心操控光线﹐绽放肌肤原有光感﹐缔造零毛孔且透明感满溢的美肌。 加入护肤成分,让肌肤保持水润;其柔软质地于肌肤顺滑延展﹐均匀推开后塑造出半哑致妆感。 从抚平凹凸问题的无色系、至调整自然肤色或提亮肤色的有色系﹐备有4款能随心随意选择的色调。


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