ROHTO C3 Softone Cool Multi-purpose Solution 乐敦制药 C3 Cool 隐形眼镜护理液 500ml


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ROHTO C3 Softone Cool Multi-purpose Solution

  • Sterilization power reaches 99.9% with PHMB ingredients
  • Contains HPMC ingredients to keep contact lens moisturized
  • Unique One Touch cap and contact lens box design to minimize bacteria growth
  • Unique icy formulation with L-menthol.

How to Use

Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap before handling the soft contact lens.
(1) scrubbing
Place the soft contact lens that you removed from your eyes on the palm of your hand. Apply a few drops of this agent to the surface of the lense and gently scrub both sides of the lens 20-30 times with your fingers.
(2) Rinse
Rinse both sides of the scrubbed soft contact lens thoroughly with this agent.
(3) Disinfection and preservation
Fill the lense case with this agent, fold the lens completely, and close the case lid securely. Disinfection will be completed if you leave it for 4 hours or more.


乐敦制药 C3 Cool 隐形眼镜护理液


  • 高效杀菌消毒、杀菌消毒功能高达99.9%
  • 长效保湿因子,有效保持镜片滋润柔软
  • OneTouch瓶盖及首创倒置式存放眼镜盒,大大减少因使用处理不当而滋生的细菌
  • 独特冰凉成分,冰爽清凉。




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