Rohto Hada Labo Gokujun 3D Alpha Face Mask 4pcs 乐敦 肌研极润阿尔法3D玻尿酸抗衰老面膜 4枚/盒


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Rohto Hada Labo Gokujun 3D Alpha Face Mask

Deeply condition your skin with a weekly in-home, spa-like treatment. Anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients are conveniently infused into a pre-cut cotton mask that prevents evaporation for maximum moisture retention. Skin is left supple, radiant and smooth.

  • Moisture care according to age, Goku-jyun Alpha
  • Contains Low molecular Elastin Firming skin and moisturize component sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer. 
  • Works to corneocyte foundation of the skin.
  • Trap moisture and firming skin from the deep.
  • Rich texture cream.
  • Recommend to around eyes and mouth.
  • Mask absorbed plenty of essence cover skin gently adhere and delivers to the deepest level of the stratum corneum



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