Rohto Lycée x Kimetsu No Yaiba Character Collaboration-Shinobu Kocho 8ml 日本乐敦Lycée系列x鬼滅之刃联名款眼药水之蟲柱胡蝶忍隐形眼镜适用款 8ml


Product Feature:

The corneal protecting component "chondroitin sulfate sodium" is at the maximum density in "Rohto Rise Contact w." It hydrates both the cornea and the eyes. It also contains "hypromellose," a lens moisturizing substance, as well as "glucose," a nutritious element. It not only relieves dryness and discomfort when using contact lenses, but it may also be utilized as a contact mounting solution. All contact lenses, including color contact lenses, are compatible. You may, of course, use it with your naked eye.




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