Rohto Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip SPF 25+++ [Limited]- Tapioca Milk Tea 珍珠奶茶口味润唇膏


A moisturizing lip cream with a new sensation. With a never-experienced-before soft, smooth application sensation that seems like the cream is actually melting. Mentholatum Melty-Cream Lip melts onto your lips from your body heat, providing moisture. The "Moist Bank technology" reacts with moisture in the air, melting onto the lips coating your lips comfortably. Contains ceramide 3, ceramide 2, ceramide 6 II. It melts at body temperature, giving your lips a sense of tightness.

  • Using Moist Bank technology that changes moisture into a cream by holding moisture in response to moisture in the lips and air.
  • Soft and smooth coating look like cream melts that never seen before.
  • Once applied, it melts at body temperature and conforms to the lips, protecting it with the finest moistness.
  • UV cut SPF 25 PA+++.
  • Contains squalane and multiceramide as moisturizing ingredients.
  • Pack Size - 2.4g


Apply it before bed or if it's dry at the office, cold outside, under lipstick.
Melty cream, providing you with soft, smooth lips.

秀雷敦的润唇膏系列再添新成员,"Melty Cream Lip"。

该产品是采用了可以与嘴唇或空气中的水反应后变成能够保持滋润的乳霜的"Moist bank技术",让你拥有新感觉的高保湿唇膏。就像奶油溶化后的那种柔软,丝滑的感觉。只需涂抹仅依靠体温即可溶化布满嘴唇,让唇部滋润饱满。配合滋润成分"多神经酰胺"。



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