Rohto Mentholatum

Rohto Pharmaceutical Mentholatum AD Botanical Emulsion 曼秀雷敦 AD药用高效抗干草本修复乳液 130g


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Rohto Pharmaceutical Mentholatum AD Botanical Emulsion

A perfect solution for itching, urticaria, insect bites, heat rash, eczema.

It may cause itching due to dryness and other reasons.

Once it is scratched, it will release substances that cause itching and it will become more and more itchy.

"Mentholathon AD Plant Emulsion" contains two anti-itch ingredients (diphenhydramine, lidocaine)

And two anti-inflammatory ingredients (glycyrrhetinic acid, allantoin), can quickly relieve itching and restore the effect of normal skin.

Contains natural vegetable oils (lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, almond oil).

Relaxing herbal aroma. Weak acidity, no coloring, no preservatives, no alcohol.

How to Use

Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area several times a day. Effectively eliminate skin dry or eczema for itchiness and various skin problems.

曼秀雷敦 AD药用高效抗干草本修复乳液

干痒肌の草本修复!添加2种舒缓干痒成分,有效缓解肌肤因干燥所引起之搔痒,并添加2种保湿成分与3 种天然植物油成分,深层滋润干燥肌肤,将水分锁紧于肌底。长效滋润,让肌肤恢复健康水润!

  • 无色素、无酒精、无尿素、无类固醇、无Paraben类防腐剂、弱酸性

天然植物油成分/ 功效

薰衣草油、尤加利油、杏仁油/ 深层修复干燥肌肤

润泽保湿成分/ 功效

维他命E / 防止皮肤衰老,保持肌肤细腻滋润

舒缓干痒成分/ 功效

薄荷醇/ 收缩毛孔形成清凉感,达到舒缓干痒效果


  • 适用肌肤:一般肌肤、干痒肌肤
  • 用途:润泽保湿肌肤
  • 用法:有需求时,取适量于手掌心并均匀涂抹于脸部及全身。



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