ROM&ND Back Me Tone Up Sun Cushion SPF50+ PA++++ 11g 韩国Rom&nd 米萃提亮防晒纯素气垫 SPF 50+ PA++++ 11g


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ROM&ND Back Me Tone Up Sun Cushion SPF 50+ PA++++

A vegan tone-up cushion found in rice grains helps offer instant brightening effect with a translucent skin appearance.

  • Presents light-weight lotion-like texture that adheres seamlessly on skin without caking.
  • Perfect for foundation-free base makeup look with non-sticky and velvety finish.
  • Natural tone up without white cast
  • Smooth skin without oily skin
  • Non-sticky feel to use
  • Texture like lotion
  • Vegan certification
  • Skin irritation test completed

How to Use

01. Push the puff on the cushion.
02. Apply desired amount on your skin and gently pat on face.

*Made in Korea

韩国Rom&nd 米萃提亮防晒纯素气垫 SPF 50+ PA++++


  • 呈现轻盈的乳液状质地,无缝贴合在皮肤上而不会结块.
  • 非常适合无粉底底妆外观,不粘腻和天鹅绒般的妆容.
  • 没有白色色偏的自然色调
  • 皮肤光滑不油腻
  • 使用感不黏腻
  • 质地像乳液
  • 素食认证
  • 皮肤刺激测试完成


  1. 用附带的粉扑均匀涂抹于全脸.
  2. 轻轻轻拍以帮助粘合.




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