Rom&nd Better than palette #03 Rosebug Garden 7.5g 韩国Rom&nd十色眼影盘 #03 玫瑰花蕾花园 7.5g


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Product Feature:

rom&nd's Secret Garden eyeshadow palettes provide remarkable contrast between dark and light shades for improved layerability. 

  • ·Ultra-fine particles with rom&nd’s matted formula

  • ·Dewy glitters with long-lasting formula

  • ·The wide color spectrum for all skin tones

  • ·Each palette includes 10 colors

  • ·Contains a mix of matte and glittered shades

How to Use:

  • 01. Apply it with your fingertips as per the shadow order.

  • 02. Complete shadowing outer corner of eyes or lash line with sharped and detailed brush.

  • 03. Tap the applied area with your fingertips and press it with the glitters in order to make it completely fixed.







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