Rom&nd Blur Fudge Tint (#12 Warming Up) 韩国Rom&nd 迷雾软糖系列持久显色丝绒哑光唇釉 (#12 热身) 5.0g


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Rom&nd Blur Fudge Tint

Fudge spreading on your lips! It's a completely matte finish without any glow.

· Fudge spreading on your lips.
· Matte gradation smudges easily and smoothly.
· It spreads out without clumping, and the fudge · spreads out easily.
· It's a completely matte finish without any glow
· Finish with getting blurry the more you spread it.

Suggested Use:

01. Using the tip to apply softly from the inside part of your lips.
02. Apply a suitable amount then pressing your lips together 2 – 3 times.

*Product of Korea

韩国Rom&nd 迷雾软糖系列持久显色丝绒哑光唇釉

粉雾感质地的哑光渐变效果,超持久妆效,且不凝结的丝滑膏体。呈现丝般光滑的完美唇妆。软糖在你的嘴唇上蔓延! 这是完全哑光的效果,没有任何光泽。

  • 软糖在你的嘴唇上蔓延。
  • 哑光渐变晕染轻松顺畅。
  • 展开时不会结块,软糖也容易展开。
  • 完全哑光,没有任何光泽
  • 散布得越多,就会变得越模糊。


01. 用尖端从嘴唇内侧轻轻涂抹。
02. 涂抹适量,然后按压双唇 2 – 3 次。



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