ROM&ND Glasting Color Gloss (#6 Deepen Moor) 韩国Rom&nd 琉璃水光唇釉 (#06 琥珀湖泊) 4g


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Rom&nd Glasting Color Gloss

#06 Deepen Moor: Muted orange brown shade for classic vibe

Plump and juicy glow just like an angel ring on your lips
Angel ring glow filling in and smoothing out the lip lines as if being sugar coated
- Plump and voluminous glow that no other tint has ever had
- Plump and juicy finish from any angle due to high refractive oil

Vivid and transparent color on your lips
- Pure and clear on first swatch, getting bold and vivid once layered
- Transparent and vibrant color chart that could not be found in other glosses

Not too watery or sticky, perfect texture on your lips
- Smooth and gliding texture due to high-viscosity wax and moisturizing essential oil
- Lightweight and comfortable, but stays put on the lips

How to use

Apply it from the inner to the outer lips, blending naturally

*Product of Korea

韩国Rom&nd 琉璃水光唇釉

#06 琥珀湖泊:柔和的橙棕色色调营造出经典氛围

- 天使环发光填充并抚平唇纹,犹如涂上糖衣
- 饱满丰盈的光泽,这是其他色调所没有的
- 由于高折射油,从任何角度都能获得饱满多汁的口感

- 第一个样本纯净清晰,分层后变得大胆生动
- 其他光泽中找不到的透明且充满活力的色卡

- 由于高粘度蜡和保湿精油,质地光滑顺滑
- 轻盈舒适,但能保持在嘴唇上




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