ROM&ND Han All Shade Liner (06 Fade Ash) 韩国ROM&ND 多用途眼线笔 (06 冷茶灰棕色) 0.09g


ROM&ND Han All Shade Liner

It can be used not only as an eyeliner pencil, but also as a silkworm pen!

Smooth and colorful, easy to use and easy to color

Creates natural shadows and deep eyes

Can also be used as eyeshadow

  • Complete your own deep eyes with natural #shadow color
  • Neat drawing without clumping even when overlapped
  • Perfect eyeline all day long without smudging
  • Smooth and comfortable to wear without irritation
  • A soft slim type product
  • 1.5mm slim type allows for delicate drawings
  • A shade line that can be drawn easily and neatly
  • Create beautiful eyes without blurring all day long


    韩国ROM&ND 多用途眼线笔





    • 用自然的颜色完成你自己心目中完美的眼妆
    • 即使重叠也不会结块,绘制整齐
    • 完美眼线一整天不晕妆
    • 顺滑舒适无刺激
    • 柔软纤细型
    • 1.5mm 细长型可画精细眼线
    • 可以轻松整齐地绘制的阴影线

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