Rom&nd Lip Mate Pencil (02 Dovey Pink) 韩国rom&nd 雾面順滑唇筆 (02 多维粉) 0.5g


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Rom&nd Lip Mate Pencil
Natural Lip Colored Lip Pencil for natural lip line drawing, drawing overlips, and covering dark lips perfectly! Natural and gorgeous overlip make up is ready for you!
  • Perfect shade for concealing, overlining and contouring
  • Optimal-sized pencil with 4.5mm
  • Long-lasting power up to 8 hours
  • Stays put on your lips without budging
  • Non sticky and feather like texture
How to Use
1. Draw 1-2mm over the original lips or until the desired area.
2. Blend naturally with the built-in finger brush.
3. Fill in the insides with a desired product.
4. With the 05 Taupey Shade, apply it to the under lips and narrow areas.
You can add more volume to the lips.

*Product of Korea

韩国rom&nd 雾面順滑唇筆

自然唇色唇笔,画出自然唇线,画上唇,完美遮盖深色嘴唇! 自然又华丽的唇妆已经为你准备好了!

  • 遮瑕、遮瑕和修容的完美色调
  • 最佳尺寸铅笔 4.5mm
  • 持久长达 8 小时
  • 保持在您的嘴唇上而不移动
  • 不粘腻,羽毛般的质感

1. 在嘴唇上涂抹 1-2mm 或直至所需区域。
2. 使用内置指刷自然晕开。
3. 在内部填充唇色。
4. 使用唇笔涂抹在下嘴唇和狭窄区域。



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