ROM&ND The Universe Liquid Glitter (06 Little Meteor) 韩国ROM&ND 星河闪粉亮片卧蚕提亮眼影液 (06 小流星) 2g


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ROM&ND The Universe Liquid Glitter

06 Little Meteor : Colorful opal glitter with translucent white, pink and gold sparkles

  • New rom&nd liquid glitter collection for dazzling eye makeup
  • Daily point glitter eyeshadow with fine particles for radiant aegyo-sal looks
  • Gives natural shine with one layer, build for bolder shine
  • Comes in 4 pastel aurora colors with vibrant performance
  • Quick-drying formula for long-lasting shimmer without fallouts


  • Natural shine with one layer, Stronger and bolder shine as you reapply
  • 30% watery and clear glitter makeup
  • 70% clean and glossy makeup
  • 100% Intense and glam sparkling makeup

Suggested Use
Glide a moderate amount onto desired area with the applicator to create various makeup looks

       *Made in Korea

        韩国ROM&ND 星河闪粉亮片卧蚕提亮眼影液

        06 小流星: 彩色蛋白石闪光,带有半透明白色、粉色和金色闪光

        • 全新 rom&nd 液体闪粉系列,打造耀眼眼妆
        • 日常点闪粉眼影,带有细颗粒,打造容光焕发的 aegyo-sal 妆容
        • 一层即可赋予自然光泽,打造更大胆的光泽
        • 具有 4 种柔和的极光色,性能充满活力
        • 快干配方,持久闪亮,不掉色


        • 涂一层即可呈现自然光泽,重新涂抹时光泽更强烈、更大胆
        • 30% 水润透明闪粉彩妆
        • 70% 干净亮泽的妆容
        • 100% 浓郁而迷人的闪亮妆容




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