Creer Beaute 凡尔赛

Creer beaute Rose of Versailles Hydrogel Point Gel Eyemask 3pairs 凡尔赛 玫瑰保湿水凝胶啫喱眼膜 3对

  • Jelly-like hydrogel texture can be tightly fitted under the eyes. Penetration force MAX ️ Ice and ice cool feeling of use Can improve eye puffiness Dark circles Drying and other issues
  • 果冻一样的水凝胶质地 能够紧密的贴合在眼下 渗透力MAX ️冰冰凉凉的使用感 能够改善眼部浮肿 黑眼圈 干燥等问题Image result for 凡尔赛 眼膜

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