Ryukakusan Direct (Mint) 16pcs 日本龙角散粉末 (薄荷味) 16包



Ryukakusan Direct 

A granulated herbal medicine that can be taken anytime, anywhere without water. For coughs, phlegm, or hoarseness and throat discomfort caused by inflammation.


  • This product can be taken anytime, anywhere with out water.
  • The finely powered herbal ingredients act directly on the mucous membrane of the throat to relieve coughs, phlegm, or hoarseness and sore throats caused by inflammation.
  • Ryukakusan does not contain ingredients that cause drowsiness.


  • Cough, phlegm, or hoarseness, irritation, and discomfort of the throat caused by inflammation.

Dosage and Administration:

  • Take as directed below, without water. Leave at least 2 hours between doses.


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