S.T. Premium Aroma Air Freshener (Mimosa) 小鸡仔 消臭力 除臭芳香剂 (含羞草) 400ml


S.T. Premium Aroma Air Freshener (Mimosa)

  • Contains fragrance oils carefully selected by perfumers.
  • Gentle green floral scent
  • Mimosa-based perfume-like scent brightens up your life.
  • The scent and effects usually last about 2 to 3 months. 

How to use 

Open the film along the tear lines. Remove the top cover by turning it, remove only the inner white cap, then reinstall the top cover and place the product on a flat surface.

小鸡仔 消臭力 除臭芳香剂 (含羞草)

  • 含有调香师精心挑选的香精油。
  • 淡淡的绿色花香
  • 含羞草香水般的香味点亮您的生活。
  • 香味和效果通常持续约2至3个月。 (取决于使用条件。)

沿着撕裂线打开薄膜。 转动顶盖将其拆下,仅拆下内部白色盖子,然后重新安装顶盖并将产品放置在平坦的表面上。


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