S.T. Premium Aroma Air Freshener (Pet Fruity Garden) 小鸡仔 消臭力 除臭芳香剂 (宠物果园) 400ml


S.T. Premium Aroma Air Freshener (Pet Fruity Garden)

A  bouquet of delightful fragrances for every taste. A  natural deodorizing components in the composition, which will quickly and effectively get rid of unpleasant odors, filling the room with a soft, refined aroma. The adjustable fragrance bottle has a simple design that is perfect for the room.

Pet Fruity Garden

A juicy scent of green apple and pear that has a high deodorizing effect on pet odors.

How to use 

Open the film along the tear lines. Remove the top cover by turning it, remove only the inner white cap, then reinstall the top cover and place the product on a flat surface.


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