S.T. Premium Aroma Air Freshener Smoke Deodorizer (Refreshing Citrus) 小鸡仔 消臭力 除烟臭清香剂 (清爽柑橘) 400ml


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S.T. Premium Aroma Air Freshener Smoke Deodorizer (Refreshing Citrus)

Formulated with extremely fine nanometer deodorant molecules
Helps eliminate the smell of smoke from smoking or that has been left indoors
The fragrance can last for about 2~3 months

Kicks away all odors

  • Natural deodorant ingredients
  • Fragrance Nano mixes quickly, quickly and effectively deodorizes
  • Nano deodorant molecules
  • Perfume bottle design with adjustable fragrance intensity

How to use 

Open the film along the tear lines. Remove the top cover by turning it, remove only the inner white cap, then reinstall the top cover and place the product on a flat surface.

小鸡仔 消臭力 除烟臭清香剂 (清爽柑橘)



  • 天然除臭剂成分
  • 香味奈米快速混合,快速有效除臭
  • 纳米消臭分子
  • 可调节香味强度的香水瓶设计

1 先将造型盒盖顶部之指导用薄膜撕下
2 转开造型盒盖,将内有之白瓶盖拿下丢掉
3 再将造型盒盖回转好即可


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