San-X Rilakkuma Blemish Treatment Patch (24 Patches) 日本SAN-X 轻松熊痘痘贴


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RILAKUMMA BLEMISH PATCH: The drug-free Blemish treatment patch is formulated with hydrocolloid to create a protective barrier from bacteria and debris. Helps to reduce inflammation and redness while absorbing pus and oil. Blends in with skin for daytime and overnight use. 

  • Protect open blemishes with these hydrocolloid patches, designed to keep environmental stressors, debris and bacteria out to provide a clean healing environment for quicker results. Perfect for overnight use or even during the day, just apply some makeup over the transparent, adhesive patch. Indicates full absorption capacity when bandage appears white. Shaped like your fave little Rilakkuma!



  • Hydrocolloid
  • Transparent finish
  • Protects open blemishes to allow for a clean healing environment



  • Cleanse and dry skin
  • Remove patch from film and apply over blemish
  • Replace, if needed, when patch appears white
  • Apply makeup over patch if desired



  • Plastic
  • Imported



  • 24 patches (12 Patches of 11mm and 12 Patches of 14mm) 

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