Sana NAMERAKA Wrinkle Care Lotion 200ml 莎娜豆乳 抗皱系列滋润保湿爽肤水

Soy milk wrinkle lotion. Contains pure aretinol, the thick texture penetrates without sticking to the dry and firm skin of adults and gives moisture. Removes wrinkle lines due to drying inconspicuous (Efficacy evaluation tested). Contains Moisturizing ingredients to keep face smooth and soft. 

  • New formulation of Pure Retinol.
  • Authentic night step aging care. 
  • In addition to isoflavone-containing fermented soybean milk, pure uretinol is newly formulated.
  • Powerful moisturizing with rich texture.
  • Emollient component is nano-sized.
  • Replenishes hydration that is often lacking in the skin without stickiness.
  • Pure Retinol x Fermented Soymilk [Pure Retinol x Fermented Soymilk Combined with Real Skin Care].
  • A new blend of pureretinol in addition to the original isoflavone-containing soymilk fermented liquid from Smooth Honpo.
  • Gives skin a firmness and elasticity.
  • Makes fine wrinkles less noticeable due to dryness in night care.
  • Recommend night care with less skin stress.
  • Milk has a new texture to enhance the moisturizing sensation.

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