Sana NAMERAKA Wrinkle Night Cream 50g 莎娜豆乳 新版抗皱系列滋润保湿晚霜


Formulated with soy milk and pure retinol for deep moisture, this rich and thick eye cream effectively targets wrinkles and fine lines. After your nighttime skin care routine, apply eye cream for thorough anti-aging care. The product quickly seeps into skin without leaving a sticky finish, so you can head to bed right after. 

  • Dense eye cream with a new blend of pure aretinol (moisturizing component).
  • Soy milk wrinkle night cream.
  • Contains pure aretinol.
  • Aging care with a good night pack that allows thick cream to permeate.
  • It is not sticky, it doesn't bother you if you roll over.
  • Makes fine lines due to drying inconspicuous (Efficacy evaluation tested).

How to use: 

  • Use at the end of night skin care.
  • Take an appropriate amount on your hand and apply it to your entire face.
  • You can use it in the morning, but be careful of the amount used, as makeup may easily break down.



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