Sana NEW BORN Powdery Pencil Brow Ex 04 Royal Brown 双头两用防水持久眉笔


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Two-function eyebrow pencil with pencil and brush. A pencil eyebrow that combines a powdery pencil and brush. Because it is a pencil made of powder, it is soft and smooth. Just blur the part you drew with a brush and your fluffy eyebrows are easily completed. 

Color: 04 Royal Brown / For those with slightly dark brown hair
  • Soft powdery formula
  • The pencil is made of a powdered kneaded shape, so the drawing comfort is smooth and the soft natural eyebrows are completed.
  • Contains high adhesion oil (dipentaerythrityl pentaisostearate).
  • Beauty serum (moisturizing) component panthenol formulation.
  • Waterproof type that resists sweat, water and sebum and does not fall until night!
  • Adopts a 2mm extra-fine core


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